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"Reviews and evaluations of those in any leadership position are
natural, always present, and somewhat inevitable.  They will be done
either in responsible ways with careful thought and planning, or
they will occur informally and in less responsible forms
around the gossip channels of a congregation and the community."

Pastoral Review Process and Procedures
Congregational and Ministerial Leadership Team
Mennonite Church USA

This Pastoral Review software is based on worksheets  (D5) provided to member congregations by Mennonite Church USA.
The software helps with entering data from a simplified worksheet and producing a variety of reports and graphs.  The program can generate the worksheet itself.  A web-based worksheet is also possible.  Personal information (such as gender, age, membership) or other codes can be used and reports can compare responses by different groups of people.  Questions can be answered and reported.  A recommendation can be tallied.
Get started by viewing a short video or looking at screen shots.
Download the program.  The software is available without charge to member congregations of Mennonite Church USA.  The price for all others is $29.95.
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