Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process



Many congregations start by identifying spiritual gifts, personal styles, and passions for ministry.  Many Gifts can help track this information.  Congregations can decide whether to create a separate dataset or include spiritual gifts, etc. as additional categories in a single dataset with various tasks in the congregation.

In this example a separate dataset is created for profiles.  This is how the categories might look in the Setup module.  Of course the Categories and Tasks are fully customizable.

This is a sample of "tasks" under the "People I Like to Help" category:

Information might be collected on a form.  This shows a sample form with options:

Information can be entered in the Enter Surveys module.  A report shows the results.  "SELF" indicates that this is the individual's own assessment.  If other people were involved in assessing spiritual gifts, e.g. their discernment could also be recorded.


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