Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process


Online Surveys

Many Gifts can generate on-line survey option in addition to producing a paper survey.  The survey can be hosted on the Many Gifts web site in a password protected directory.

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Here is an elaborate survey as an example.  You can fill it out and submit it if you like.

Sample Church

Here's what is involved for the congregation:

  • Create the survey itself using the software.

  • Send various files to Many Gifts as email attachments.

  • Review the accuracy of the web form.

  • Complete an information form listing desired password, key dates, etc.

  • Provide a timely test of the form when it goes online but before publicized to the congregation.

  • Publicize the URL, user name, and password to the congregation.

  • Receive the results of the online survey.

  • Pay the invoice in a timely manner.

Here is what I will do:

  • Create a special directory for your web survey with a user name and password that you approve.

  • Add the web survey.

  • Notify you that the web survey is available and ask you to test and approve it in a timely fashion.

  • Send data to you as an email attachment on agreed upon dates.

  • Bill you for services.



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