Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process




     The Setup module is used to add major categories and specific tasks or positions under each of the categories.  Categories are usually based upon major committees within a congregation but can also be used to record spiritual gifts, personal styles, or ministry passions.
     These Categories and Tasks/Positions form the basis for a survey that can be in print form or on-line.  Results are entered in the Enter Surveys module.  Open-ended questions can also be incorporated into a survey.

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1. Use the Category tab to enter major categories.  Also see Categories and Tasks. Return to Top
2. Use the Task/Position tab to enter tasks or positions for highlighted category. Return to Top
3. Three tabs exist for entering descriptions or notes.  See context sensitive Help for additional information. Return to Top
4. Print out reports for single category or all categories. Return to Top
5. Do additional formatting of survey form and print.  Also see Print Survey. Return to Top
6. Or export categories and tasks to text file and use a word processor to format the survey. Return to Top

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