Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process




     The Reports module provides a central place for most of the available reports.  Most reports are also available from one of the other modules.
     Sample reports are available.

Click on a number for additional information

1. The General tab includes a report listing names of those responding to survey, names not responding, general comments on surveys, and extensive summary of survey responses by individual including some overall general statistics. Return to Top
2. The Datasets tab provides a report on a single dataset or all datasets that includes statistical information about various tables of data.  These reports are also available from the Datasets module. Return to Top
3. The Individual tab provides reports for an individual survey, about an individual (both their own volunteering and if suggested by others), and history of involvement.  It also includes a search for individuals meeting multiple criteria.  Some of these report options are also available on Enter Surveys, Individual Results, and History modules. Return to Top
4. The Cat/Tasks tab consolidates reports based on a Category and/or Task.  Select the Category and Task at the top.  Then chose a report that lists categories and tasks, survey results by category and task, history by category and task, or lists.  Also see the Notes tab for a report of notes by category and task.  Some of these report options are available on Category Results and History modules. Return to Top
5. The Questions tab provides reports showing answers to open-ended questions.  Reports can be grouped by respondent names or by question.  A report on a single question is also available.  Return to Top
6. The Notes tab provides a variety of ways to select and report on notes.  Check the desired option and enter criteria to select by date, category and task, or name.  These report options are also available on the Notes module. Return to Top

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