Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process



Many Gifts is organized into modules accessible from the Modules menu.  More detailed information is available by clicking on each option below.
Datasets Create a dataset.  Select the dataset that is in use.
Setup Set up the categories, tasks, questions that go into a survey or are used to link with individuals.
Names Add or edit individual names.  Import names from another software program.
Enter Surveys Enter the results of a survey.
Category Results View the results of a survey by category and task.
Individual Results View the results of a survey by individual.
Reports Select various report options.  Many reports are also available from the other modules.
History Maintain a history of involvement by individuals.  View results by category/task or by individual.
Notes Enter notes related to contacts with individuals about particular tasks.  View results or print reports.
Web Create a web-based survey.  Process the results.

Copyright 2006 - 2011 Richard Friesen