Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process



Individual Results

    Use the Individual Results module to view the results by individual name after the completed surveys have been entered.  A variety of reports are available including a worksheet for use by a gifts discernment committee.  Results can also be viewed by category. Also see Viewing Survey Results.

Click on a number for additional information

1. Select the desired name using one of several methods.  See Entering Surveys for additional help on selecting a name.  Right click in the table and pick Names with Self or Other to restrict names showing only to those who responded to the survey or were suggested by someone else. Return to Top
2. Results show to left and right for highlighted name. Return to Top
3. Produce report for highlighted individual only or for all individuals. Return to Top
4. Search provides an additional way for searching for results including those who meet two or three conditions. Return to Top

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