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Enter Surveys

    The Enter Surveys module provides a quick way of entering the results from paper surveys.  Although the form looks complicated, it is actually a very simple process with a variety of short-cuts build into the selection of names, categories, tasks, and other information.  The user will save time by consulting the context-sensitive help and learning some of the short cuts.

Click on a number for additional information

1. Select the name of the person who completed the survey so that name is highlighted.  Either type the first few letters of the last name directly into the table to move to the first name meeting the criteria.  (Push Esc to start over.)  Or type the first few letters of the last name in the Search field below the table.  (If you type a "st,b", e.g., you will only see names where the last name begins with "st" and the first name begins with "b".  Then click Clear to see all names again.) Return to Top
2. Give the Category field focus either by clicking on it with the mouse or pressing Alt-2.  Select the category by using the drop down list or typing the first letter of the category until the correct category appears. Return to Top
3. Then select the Task. Return to Top
4. Fill in other information.  If a "List" is available, fill it in.  If a comment has been written, enter it. Return to Top
5. If the person filling in the survey is suggesting the name of someone else, select it.  If the person filling in the survey is suggesting himself or herself, ignore this step. Return to Top
6. Click on Add Self (or Alt-7) if the person filling out the survey is volunteering themselves.  Click on Add Other (or Alt-8) if the respondent is suggesting someone else. Return to Top
7. The results will show at the bottom.  An incorrect entry can be highlighted and deleted. Return to Top
8. Use the Overall Comments tab to enter any other comments written on the survey form or the Other Questions tab to enter answers to any questions that were included on the survey form. Return to Top

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