Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process



Category Results

     Use the Category Results module to view the results by category and task after the completed surveys have been entered.  A variety of reports are available including a worksheet for use by a gifts discernment committee.  Results can also be viewed by individual. Also see Viewing Survey Results.

Click on a number for additional information

1. Select the Category using drop-down list, typing the the first letter of the category, or using the VCR controls.  Then select the desired task. Return to Top
2. Results show here with those who volunteered themselves on the left and those suggested by others on the right. Return to Top
3. A variety of report options are available.  Check the Worksheet to display and print names in a worksheet format. Return to Top
4. Right click on a name for a menu to add notes or history for this individual and task.  Use Note Settings or History Settings to define default options.  Also see Notes and History modules. Return to Top

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