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"The office of ministry involves a highly
complex set of functions and roles."

The Search Committee/Candidate Interview
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Twenty Pastoral Areas is a worksheet provided to member congregations by Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.  The wording was revised September 2011.

"This worksheet is intended to be used by both congregations and prospective pastors. It is designed to identify both the perceived needs and expectations of the congregation and the priorities and vision of the pastoral candidate. The aim of this indicator is to aid in the matching of the congregation's expectations and the pastor's priorities. It can also serve as a useful discussion guide in the exploration/negotiation process."  
A software program is now available that speeds up the entry of data from these worksheets and produces a variety of reports and graphs with the click of a button.  The program can generate the worksheet itself.  A web-based worksheet is also possible.  Personal information (such as gender, age, membership) or other codes can be used and reports can compare responses by different groups of people.  Comments can be added and reported. 
Get started by viewing a short video or looking at screen shots.
Download the program.  The software is available without charge to member congregations of Mennonite Church USA.  The price to all others is $29.95.
Don't forget to set the compatibility mode to XP.  Printing problems?
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