Many Gifts

Software for managing the congregational gifts discernment process


     Many Gifts helps a congregation manage a customized gifts discernment process.

     Some congregations start with an individual profile of spiritual gifts, personal styles and ministry passions.  Other congregations use a survey that allows an individual to volunteer or to suggest others for particular tasks or positions.  Many Gifts provides an efficient way to record individual profiles or enter survey results and prepare reports for use by a gifts discernment committee, pastors, or others.  Notes can be entered about contacts with individuals and a history of involvement can be maintained.

    Overview provides a good way of checking out the program in more detail.  Look at a survey for members to volunteer or suggest others for particular tasks.  Or create a profile for members that includes spiritual gifts, personal styles, passions for ministry, etc.  Get an overview of each module including a web-based survey.  Look at sample reports.  If you have a high-speed connection, try looking at the help videos.

    Do you need something to print out and show other leaders in your congregation?  Take a look at Features.pdf or Overview.pdf.

    Check out pricing and download the program when you are ready.

    Need more information?  I'll try to answer your questions if you contact me.

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